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In Indonesia’s still-developing capital markets, it can be challenging for mid-size corporates to find investment and corporate finance solutions that meet their specific needs. While most international bulge-bracket banks are represented in the market, their services are generally focused on large enterprises.

Asia Charts Capital is an independent strategic advisory firm that fills this critical gap in the Indonesia market. We provide mid-size corporates with go-to-capital-market strategies that often exceed the capabilities of other domestic financial services providers.

Our specialist team is distinguished by in-depth understanding of Indonesia’s social, economic, political and cultural environment. We have seasoned corporate finance and investment banking specialists located on the ground in our Jakarta office. These specialists are intimately aware of local legal and business practices and regulations that is complemented by wide experience in Asia Pacific markets.

Asia Charts in-depth market experience allows us to support our clients with the most appropriate funding strategies. Our approach brings together expertise in strategic advisory, deal execution and investor relation initiatives.

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Our Mission & Culture

Our Mission And Culture

Asia Charts Capital brings together expertise in strategic advisory, deal execution and investor relation initiatives.

Our Mission

To be a trusted advisor to Indonesia’s mid-size corporates, building long-term partnerships with clients and placing their objectives ahead of our own To drive value creation by providing high-quality advisory services for high-calibre mid-size corporates via effective capital market strategies and execution To provide practical, pragmatic advice to help our clients adopt innovative strategies and capitalise on new opportunities to grow in Indonesia and the Asia Pacific region

Our Culture Reflects

Empowerment Asia Charts Capital empowers mid-size corporates who have needs that require the skills and capabilities of a bulge-bracket bank but may be better served by a higher-touch service offering.


As financial systems and capital markets in Indonesia and other emerging Asia Pacific economies develop, Asia Charts values a climate of trust and loyalty to guide our relationships with clients, partners, invested companies and stakeholders.

Investment Partnership

Asia Charts operates as a strategic partner to mid-size corporates looking for guidance in challenging capital markets. We identify pioneering high-growth companies and co-invest with astute individual investors looking for opportunities to generate growth and create value.


Asia Charts Capital believes the whole should be greater than the sum of the parts. Our investment professionals connect investors with pioneering companies in Indonesia and across the Asia Pacific region, bringing together capital and pioneering entrepreneurs to turn great ideas into wealth.


We are committed to being responsive to client needs in fast-moving markets. We advise on go-to-capital-market strategies that allow firms to move quickly to capture opportunities for wealth creation or to reallocate resources amid market dislocations.


Asia Charts appreciates that every client organisation is different and faces unique pressures and challenges. Our investment professionals from across disciplines and industry backgrounds bring a similar diversity of experience to helping these firms achieve their financial goals.

Our Service

Asia Charts Capital is an independent strategic advisory that specialises in providing mid-size corporates with go-to-capital-market strategies with a focus on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. We believe that understanding a client’s current position and future aspirations is paramount to providing effective solutions.

To this end, we take every client through a three-step process that includes:

1. An in-depth review of the client’s current status and goals.

2. A comprehensive analysis of the external market environment to determine the approach and strategy that is best suited to the client’s needs.

3. Presentation of a detailed go-to-capital-market strategy that is tailored to meet the client’s specific needs and the current market conditions.

This is accompanied by a transparent and clearly explained engagement plan to achieve the desired outcomes. We apply this approach across our service offerings, which include deal origination, deal advisory and structuring, deal execution, fund raising, strategic investment and investment management.


Asia Charts Capital does not just wait for deals to happen. In many cases we create deals and make them happen. Our track record of success in deal origination is based on:

• Up-to-date market intelligence;

• Strong relationships with investment targets and stakeholders in the origination value chain; and

• Contacts who can share unique market insights and access.

We work hand in hand with corporates and their stakeholders to identify opportunities for value creation and close value-accretive deals.

Advisory & Structure

Medium-sized businesses often face challenges finding experienced financial services providers with the capability to advise them on complex deal structures. Asia Charts Capital serves as a reliable partner, leveraging deep understanding of the corporate value creation process to help entrepreneurs and business founders create value through capital market strategies and instruments.

Deal Execution

Asia Charts prides itself on helping companies ensure that deals do not fall apart at the last moment due to unforeseen constraints, realising value from an acquisition or regulatory considerations such as taxation issues. We consider all value drivers and risks to all aspects of a deal structure.

Fund Raising

Asia Charts Capital understands that financing a deal is not just about raising sufficient funds, but about optimising the structure to deliver favourable and flexible terms. We have strong relationships with the domestic and global investment communities and high-net-worth individuals actively seeking value creation opportunities across different fund raising environments.

Strategic Investment

Asia Charts Capital actively invests in promising companies and strategically partnering with business founders to identify and pursue value creation opportunities with a focus on Asia Pacific markets. We bring the same proactive value creation approach to working with our clients and partners when they are seeking strategic investment opportunities onshore or offshore.

Investment Management

Even many professional investors lack the time and resources to keep up with volatile and fast-paced private and public market environments. Asia Charts Capital investment professionals pro-actively monitor markets and investments to help discerning individual investors and institutions capture and monetise value creation opportunities when they arise.

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